Everything you need to know for your virtual event.
Do these three things before your event!
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House Rules
StagePilot's short and sweet rules for every event.
Supported Browsers
This is important! Here's a list of browsers that support StagePilot.
Simple fixes to common issues. Don't worry, they're all super easy.
StagePilot's Meet & Greet House Rules
It’s hard to create one set of rules for every possible event. After all, meeting a children’s book author is going to be different than hanging with a death metal band. That said, here are some basic guidelines for every event.
Be respectful.
This isn’t a great place to launch personal attacks or request a refund for your 30-year-old tour tee that has begun to fade.
Be reasonable.
Don’t expect an artist to send you their guitar, fund your startup or get your initials tattooed on their arm.
Be clothed.
This is pretty self-explanatory.
StagePilot’s event hosts have been involved in thousands of VIP events. In our experience, everything goes super smoothly 99.9% of the time. That said, any bullying, aggressive behavior or language, threats, hate speech, pornographic imagery or anything deemed inappropriate by StagePilot’s staff will result in the immediate and irreversible end of your event. We know that’s not your style, but we thought we would get it out in the open.

Most importantly, have fun! It’s not every day that you get to hang with your favorite celebrity. You might not have considered this, but it’s not every day that they get to hang with their biggest fans either! Enjoy your time together and make a few lifelong memories.

If you have any questions at all, just ask! We can always be reached at support@stagepilot.com
Supported Browsers

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome on a laptop for your event. That said, StagePilot has been engineered to work on the most popular modern browsers on nearly every device. Please download the latest version of your browser for your event. Here's a list of supported browsers by operating system:

Virtual Meet and Greet

Live Stream
You're here for an amazing live event, not to troubleshoot browser issues. We get it. And we're here to get you back up and running ASA(humanly)P. Here are some common issues with streaming video in a browser and our solutions.
Streaming events
My event link doesn't work!
This could be a few things:
  • You may have received an inaccurate link or one that has been changed. Please check the most recent email you received from StagePilot for a current event link.
  • There could be a typo in your link. If you've double checked the link, either contact the ticket seller or StagePilot's customer support team at support@stagepilot.com
  • Your browser might not be supported. Be sure you're using one of StagePilot's supported browsers.
The video has disappeared and I see a black screen and/or a spinning circle.
It sounds like there was an interruption in your internet connection. Refresh your browser and you should be back in action. If you have a slow internet connection, give the video a few seconds to reload.
I clicked my event link and the screen is blank!
If you only see a white screen, your browser is likely not supported or needs to be updated. Check out our list of supported browsers and install or update one. Once the new or update browser is running, try clicking the link again. Here's a list of browsers that StagePilot supports.
My screen says "That's not right"!
Honestly, this means StagePilot is confused. Try refreshing your browser. If that doesn't work, exit and re-join your event using your event link and code.
Things seem slow in general.
This is pretty vague, but it happens – especially with mobile devices. Before going any further, restart your device and browser. Most of our devices haven't been restarted for days (or months!) and just need a quick restart. If this doesn't help, read on for fixes to more specific issues.
My camera and/or audio isn't working!
All browsers require StagePilot to ask for your permission before turning on your camera and mic. When you first join your event, you'll be asked to grant access to your camera and mic. Some browsers will ask again once the meet and greet begins. Be sure to grant access to both. If you accidentally deny permissions, you'll need to go to your device settings on your device to enable permissions.
My video just turned off mid call!
First off, don't panic. We'll call you back ASAP and/or reach out to help troubleshoot. As you can imagine, streaming video requires on a solid internet connection. If your internet connection is interrupted, it is possible for your video feed to cut out. Just refresh the browser and it should reappear. You may be prompted to grant permission for StagePilot to access your camera and mic again.
If you have any questions at all, just ask! We can always be reached at support@stagepilot.com.