Ticketing Terms

Effective as of March 1, 2021

These Ticketing Terms (“Ticketing Terms”), as well as our Terms of Use, will govern your purchase of any Tickets through the Services.  For clarity, these Ticketing Terms are Service-Specific Terms (as defined in the Terms of Use).  All capitalized terms not defined in these Ticketing Terms will have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Use.

By using the Services to purchase Tickets, you agree to comply with these Ticketing Terms and the Terms of Use, and you confirm that all provisions of these Ticketing Terms and the Terms of Use apply to you.  A breach of these Ticketing Terms or the Terms of Use will terminate your right to attend the event for which you purchased a Ticket, without a refund.
For some events hosted on the Services, StagePilot may not make tickets available on the Services.  For those events, tickets may be available through the Event Host or its representatives or agents.  Any tickets purchased or received from an Event Host or its representatives or agents will not be subject to these Ticketing Terms, but will instead be subject to the terms of the agreement between you and the Event Host or its representatives or agents (as applicable).


Please note that these Ticketing Terms do not apply to your purchase of Products through the Services.  Your purchase of Products through the Services is governed by the Products Terms and the Terms of Use.

1. Pricing and Availability of Tickets on the Services.

When StagePilot makes Tickets available for purchase on the Services, StagePilot acts as a service provider for Event Hosts.  Because we sell Tickets on behalf of Event Hosts, the Event Hosts typically set the price of the Tickets and determine the number of Tickets that may be available for a particular event.  Tickets for popular events may sell out quickly.

2. Browsing and Ordering Tickets.

a.  When ordering Tickets through the Services, you agree to browse for Tickets and place your order using only one browser window.  Use of multiple browser windows could result in losing your Tickets, expiring pages, or other errors occurring during the purchase process.

b.  You agree that you will not use bot technology to search for, reserve, or purchase Tickets through the Services (including any automated purchasing software).

3. Ticket Limits.

For some events, there may be a limit to the maximum number of Tickets that you (or others using your name, email address, billing address, payment information, IP address, StagePilot login credentials, or other information) are permitted to purchase through the Services.  Ticket limits may apply to discourage unfair buying practices.  If you exceed or attempt to exceed the Ticket limit for an event, we may (a) restrict your Ticket purchase abilities, (b) cancel any or all of your orders and Tickets, or (c) take any other actions permitted under the Terms of Use.

4. Payments.

a.  StagePilot may charge service fees and certain other charges, including taxes, processing fees, and fulfillment fees.  You are responsible for any fees, charges and taxes that you are obligated to pay or that StagePilot may collect from you in connection with your purchase of Tickets.  If you do not pay the fees, charges, or taxes on a transaction, you will be responsible for the fees, charges and taxes in the event they are later determined to be payable on the sale, and StagePilot reserves the right to collect the fees, charges and taxes from you at any time.  In certain jurisdictions, StagePilot may be required to collect and remit sales tax in connection with your purchase of Tickets.  All fees, charges and taxes imposed by StagePilot will be automatically added to your total during the check-out process on the Services.  StagePilot may update such fees, charges and taxes at any time.

b.  We accept several methods of payment to accommodate your needs.  StagePilot may impose conditions on your use of any coupon, promotional code or gift card.  You will pay all charges incurred by you or any users of your account and credit card or other online payment mechanism at the prices in effect when such charges are incurred, including all applicable fees and taxes.

c.  All Ticket prices, fees and charges listed on the Services are stated in U.S. Dollars.  If you are purchasing Tickets in a foreign currency, your credit card company or other online payment provider may apply additional fees or charges.  Any such fees or charges are beyond StagePilot’s control, and so StagePilot is unable to disclose the applicability or amount of these fees or charges during the check-out process on the Services.  It is your responsibility to check with your credit card company or other online payment provider about such fees or charges prior to your purchase.

d.  You acknowledge and agree that any fees to third parties that may be required for you to receive the Tickets (such as mobile data plans) are not included in the cost of the Tickets.

5. Account, Order, and Billing Information Verification.

a.  All information on your StagePilot account and orders (including your name, address, email address, billing address, payment information, and IP address) must be valid.  You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to use any credit cards or other online payment methods used in connection with any transaction for Tickets on the Services.  You acknowledge and agree that StagePilot may (i) use, process, and verify any information on your StagePilot account and orders, and (ii) share such information with third parties and authorize such third parties to use, process and verify such information, in each case, for the purposes of facilitating the processing and fulfillment of your order.

b.  StagePilot may cancel any order that is placed using an account which contains false, misleading, incorrect, incomplete, or unverifiable information.  Orders are subject to approval based on the applicable payment method, and will be processed only after StagePilot or its vendors have verified the billing address and other billing information associated with your credit card account or online payment account.

c.  In order to purchase Tickets through the Services, you are required to provide valid payment information as required by StagePilot.  StagePilot may terminate your order for Tickets and take such other action as appropriate if we are unable to process your payment information and you do not provide an alternative form of payment upon StagePilot’s request.  You agree to reimburse StagePilot for any and all costs incurred in collecting amounts owed by you to StagePilot, including attorneys’ fees and costs of collection agencies.

6. Confirming Your Order.

Upon successful receipt your payment information during the check-out process on the Services, you will receive a confirmation number (either on a confirmation page on the Services or via email).  If you do not receive a confirmation number, or if you receive an error message or otherwise experience a disruption in the Services during the check-out process, please confirm whether your order has been placed by contacting StagePilot Support at [INSERT].  StagePilot will not be aware of a problem in the check-out process unless you contact us.  We will not be responsible for losses (monetary or otherwise) if you assume that an order was, or was not, placed.

7. Delivery of Tickets.Following the successful purchase of Tickets through the Services, StagePilot will deliver, to the email address that you provided during the order process, Ticket access codes for the applicable event. StagePilot is not responsible for any lost or deleted Ticket access codes under any circumstances.

8. Changes to the Event.

a.  Sometimes an Event Host may specify that an event will involve the participation of a third party, such as an opening act or collaborator.  StagePilot is not always made aware of these plans, and such plans are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice.  StagePilot will not owe you any refund because of a change or cancelation of or by any such third party.

b.  Occasionally, events may be canceled or postponed.  If this happens, we will attempt to contact you, using the email address that you provided during the order process, to inform you.  For exact instructions on any canceled or postponed events, please check the event information listed on the Services or contact us at [INSERT].

9. Refunds and Exchanges.

a.  To the extent permitted by law, your purchase of a Tickets is not refundable for any reason, whatsoever, unless otherwise expressly noted in these Ticketing Terms.  

b.  To the extent that StagePilot issues any refunds, StagePilot will issue any such refunds to the original purchaser of the Tickets on the Services.  StagePilot is not responsible for issuing any refunds to any person or entity who is not the original purchaser of the Tickets on the Services under any circumstances.  If you received a Ticket from a third party who originally purchased the Tickets on the Services, and if you believe that you are entitled to a refund, please contact the third party from whom you received your Ticket.

10. Personal Use; No Promotions; Compliance with Law; Transfers of Tickets as Gifts Only.

a.  You may use your Tickets for personal use only.  You agree not to purchase Tickets with the intention of selling them rather than using them.  You may not use your Tickets for advertising, promotions, contests or sweepstakes without StagePilot’s express prior written consent.

b.  You may not sell, offer for sale, license, sublicense, rent, lease, assign, transfer, distribute, host, make available or otherwise commercially exploit your Tickets, except that you may transfer your Tickets to a third party as a gift.  You acknowledge that, once you have transferred your Tickets to a third party, you will discard any access codes that you have received from StagePilot, and you will not use, or attempt to use, such access codes to attend the event.

c.  Without limiting the Terms of Use, it is your responsibility, and you agree to, comply with all applicable laws with respect to the receipt, possession, and use of any Tickets purchased on the Services.

d.  If you violate this Section 10 or otherwise engage in any other behavior with respect to Ticket transfers which StagePilot deems to be problematic, StagePilot is entitled to cancel your Tickets without compensation, and may avail itself of any other remedies under the Terms of Use, including restricting your access to, and use of the Services.

11. Miscellaneous.All Ticket sales are expressly conditioned upon your agreement to these Ticketing Terms and the Terms of Use.  These Ticketing Terms may not be amended, modified, or supplemented, or amended by the use of any document, such as purchase orders.  In the event of any conflict between these Ticketing Terms and the Terms of Use, the Terms of Use will control.